[the resolution of reality]
10 February 2020
4k video, color, 5.33:1, stereo, be, 2020, 8’59”

a deep dive into the ecology of the contemporary digital image. as we zoom in and see through its figurative shell, different layers are deconstructed and a more abstract nature is revealed: pixels, datastreams, algorithms, metadata. technology has enabled us to see clearer, sharper and in more detail than ever before: both on a micro- and macroscopic level, and in supernatural timespans. at the same time, technology blurs our vision: invisible agents construct, structure and mould everyday reality. reality is resolved into virtuality.

camera, datamanipulation, editing, color grading, slitscanning: Jeroen Cluckers
keys, electronics, voice, recording, mixing: Michaël Verlinden
cello, electronics, voice: Jasmijn Lootens

Ibrida Festival delle arti intermediali, Forlì (IT)
BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Bilbao (ES)