Jeroen Cluckers Video artist • filmmaker

Jeroen Cluckers

• Tears in Rain

Experimental film, 2015 (teaser)
Total running time: 2’17″

A visual poem, trying to capture the poetics
of a cinematic rain shower into the structure
of its images. Tears in Rain combines the
techniques of datamoshing and slitscanning,
injecting noise into the images of the 1982
science fiction classic Blade Runner, so
that they mutate into a new visual poem.

Contains sounds from the
database, from users Owl, Erdie, nicStage,
jmbphilmes, YevgVerh.

Source footage belongs to the respective
rights holders.

• screenings

2016 TUFF, Incline Village, Nevada (US)
2016 flEXiff, Special flEXiff Award competition, Sydney (AU)
2016 SUFF, Sydney (AU)
2016 FILE Festival, São Paulo (BR)
2016 Experimental Superstars, Novi Sad (RS)
2016 Everything is a Remix, Munich (DE)
2016 Proceso de Error, Valparaíso (CL)
2016 backup_festival, backup.award competition, Weimar (DE)
2016 IVAHM Festival, Madrid (ES)
2016 FONLAD Festival 2016, Coimbra (PT)
2016 VIDEOFORMES, Clermont-Ferrand (FR)
2016 Kurzfilmwoche, Regensburg (DE)


01.11 - 02.11: Cinema Los Angeles (US)
04.11 - 05.11: Tahoe Underground Film Festival (US)
04.11 - 06.11: Quest x Doclab (VN)
17.11 - 20.11: Over The Real (IT)